BarrioBonito – South of Quito

Creating the Best Barrio of Quito

The citizen initiative BarrioBonito in Southern Quito aims at improving the living environment at a neighborhood scale under the principles of self-management and self-responsibility of and within the participating neighborhoods using the GeoCitizen platform. His iniciative is a response to the urgent need of identifying alternative approaches to organize the government of marginalized neighborhoods of Latin American cities. Within the BarrioBonito (spatial) information is organized and discussed in the public space of the internet providing the participants proper management intstruments to bringing into life their own ideas how to collaborate in the improvement of the living conditions in their neighborhoods. Applying the GeoCitizen framework within this iniciative shows the potential of combining powerful and interactive neighborhoods maps and new social media communication strategies in oder to support participatory decision making processes, discussion and social cohesio within the participating communities.

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