Zoning the Volcano Ilaló

Participating in the Development of a Sustainable Zoning of the Volcano Ilaló, Ecuador

The GeoComunity supports the initiative “Consejo de Habitantes del Ilaló” (Inhabitants Council of Ilaló) in the design and implementation of a participatory zoning process of the Ilaló volcano in the Metropolitan District of Quito, Ecuador. The Ilaló area is one of the few green areas still posessing high ecological value within close proximity to the capital of the Republic of Ecuador, Quito. By following a participatory and collaborative approach, an alternative way of land zoning was developed in 2013. This was established together with the municipality of Quito and other community initiatives in different neighborhoods (“barrios”) participating in the project. The Geocitizen is used as a key tool for specifying, discussing and monitoring the implementation of the land zoning in the area.

For more information please visit: http://ilalo.geociudadano.org