Our GeoCommunity

The GeoCommunity unites different initiatives with specific uses of the GeoCitizen platform and its spectrum of methodologies for boosting the participation of citizens in community planning of their living space. The application and its objectives and goals are different, but all have the same purpose of informing citizens based on local knowledge, discussing issues and sharing local proposals on a higher level.

The tasks of each GeoCommunity is to obtain adequate information for the design, conservation, management and mid to long term planning on a single platform, which can be used for visualizing these efforts on a map. The common objective can’t be found in the accumulation of data and observations. The objective lies in using the map as a tool for visualizing the problems of a place and to solve these issues by the efforts of local citizens/neighbors with the help of local experts under the principles of self-management. This results into a growing worldwide network where issues and solutions for a particular place are shared and the effort of citizens are shown.

The GeoCommunity has no hierarchy and values only inclusion and the quality of participation where communication includes all participants and community management. The GeoCommunity can help with efforts to ensure sustainability of places through the hands of citizens and planning methodologies applied.

Start participating today in initiatives of your region, community, neighborhood or city and maybe even start your own GeoCommunity. We can help you achieve this by our existing network. If you like to receive more information about the work of the GeoComunidad or join with your own initiative, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The initiatives of the GeoComunidad are supported by:

GeoCentro USFQ    unigisAL-01

Please check the following scientific publications as additional information to the Geocitizen platform of the different inititives.

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