Using Geographic Information Systems in the Ecuadorian Amazon! As members of the AmazonGISnet initiative, we support the indigenous […]

BarrioBonito – South of Quito

Creating the Best Barrio of Quito The citizen initiative BarrioBonito in Southern Quito aims at improving the living […]

GeoCommunity Galapagos

Using the Resources of the Galápagos Islands in a better way! Over the past decades, the Galápagos Islands […]

Zoning the Volcano Ilaló

Participating in the Development of a Sustainable Zoning of the Volcano Ilaló, Ecuador The GeoComunity supports the initiative […]

Climate Change

Developing Stategies for Climate Change Adaption in Smallholder Agriculture! The GeoCommunity supports communites of small-scale farmers in the […]